Another busy week at ICE in London for RTG Asia, the Asian arm of the 20-year-old international online casino provider RealTime Gaming, but with a surprising twist.

“Many operators have admitted concerns about how their existing games appeal to the next generation of players, the millennials,”  Charlotte Tang, RTG Asia’s CEO said.  “Our new releases and product roadmap specifically addresses that segment of the market, while still keep existing players engaged.”

The recently released Cubee Time Travel Adventure game is an excellent example. Players take a cute fuzzy Spongebob-like character through the ages, defeating villains and gaining power by devouring free floating symbols. As the levels go up, so do the value of the free games and features. “Cubee, like Banana Jones before it and, coming soon, the new Zomberries, breaks the rules of traditional RNG slot games. There are no reels, no lines, per se but a rewarding and engaging experience that is very unusual,” Tang explained.

Two recent surprises were also discussed at the RTG Asia stand. One is the enormous popularity of Dragon Orb. This is a low volatility very simple, traditional game that players are, apparently, loving. Dragons have of course always been important in Asian cultures but it’s the game’s low volatility—one of the lowest volatility games available on mobiles in Asia—that seems to be capturing and holding players attention.

Another surprise came with release of Plentiful Treasures, another Asian-themed game inspired by the most popular games in Macau. While expected to perform well in the East, it’s in the West that’s it’s really found new popularity. “Plentiful Treasures offers players more strategic choices in their play. That sense of control really empowers and engages players in a way that older traditional slot games just can’t deliver,” Tang said.

And anticipation continues to grow for the release of the sexy Taiwanese Web J Sprite’s Mermaid Treasure game, with sneak peeks at the game images at the certainly stand perking operators interest.  “This game will be the first to bring a millenial-favourite personality right into the game,” Tang explained, “again, further opening a door to this important market segment.”

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