Hidden in the midst of an untamed tropical jungle lies a mystical clearing where Ape isKing and riches abound. Come witness the fierce battles and the wild fun while being rewarded prizes fit only for the brave. Whether unleashed by a random act of nature or by four Gold Pots, the wild Free Games in this jungle can only be stopped when the Jungle Battle comes to an end.

The Jungle Battle between the Ape King and his opponents will occur during Free Games, or it may be triggered by at least one Ape King appearing anywhere during normal play.

The Jungle Battle will only end: when the Ape King alone rules the battlefield above the reels, or when the Mandrill, the Bonobo, the Chimp or the Orangutan, whether alone or in combination, add up to 16.

An all-ways-win with tropical fun and wild prizes!

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