The zombie epidemic continues, but now it’s taken a personal toll: Nancy has turned! Her beautiful blue eyes have gone red, her carefully manicured nailed have grown into claw-like things.

She might be the WORST kind of zombie—still so sexy, so attractive, so deadly. You have to see her! And, as in life, so WILD. And she is your WILD too. You may even see two more her appear and they’ll jump across the reels… not to kill you but to help you win more.

Maybe if she could see herself in the mirror she could change back… would that help? Could that help? It’ll certainly help YOU—when you get three mirrors, the game’s scatter, you get free spins. Get four mirrors, your free spin prize doubles. Five mirrors, it trebles.

This five reel, twenty-five line game also features Amy, the gorgeous zombie killer, as well as paying up to 7,500 times your bet per line.

That’s a big win—if Nancy doesn’t eat you alive. In I, Zombie, the new game from RTG.

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