Your players love trying new games with unusual variations beyond the standard symbols and reels.

Tired of the same old same old in slots play? This one is different!

Cubee: The Time Travel Adventure is no doubt one of RTG Asia’s most original and unusual game as the cuddly Cubee travels through time, eating energy balls and literally beating Rocco to move to the next Age.

Every “spin” of this high volatility game pulls eight floating symbols from the time vortex, which builds Cubee’s energy level, taking him from the Stone Age to the Viking Age, where collecting bows and arrows will turn into free spins, and then into the Age or Piracy, when collecting cannons will turn into multipliers, while you repeatedly beat the energy out the cyclopic Rocco. Bring the adorable Cubee back home to Cubeeland, and you’ll cash in on those free spins and multipliers.

But with up to 50,000x your bet “per line”, this is a fun new take on slots. It’s an adventure through time that can pay off big!

You have to see it to believe it.



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