“Fish Hunting” games have been popular offline from Hong Kong to Huntington Beach, California at “slaphouses” for a good ten years. And since coming online in the past few years, have quickly become the game of choice for a new generation of players, the elusive millennial market.

More of a highly-interactive video game than a traditional slot machine, in RTG Asia’s Fish Catch you battle up to three other players to shoot fish for prizes. Players set the denomination for each shot when entering the game, but can quickly up their stakes by choosing a larger, potentially more effective, weapon in the game.

There’s no jackpot in this game, but a “Mermaid’s Luck” wheel appears randomly, multiplying your win by up to 250x your current bet per shot. However, you can get especially lucky when the Mermaid’s own luck runs out and she ends up in your sights for a $2500.00 win.

Operators finding it challenging to grow with an aging slots demographic will love the appeal of this fast-action and fair-RTP for the next generation of players. Combined with innovative games like the snakes-and-ladders inspired Banana Jones, the upcoming innovative 4d Fish Attack and the sexy web celebrity-featured new Mermaid game, RTG Asia continues to deliver new and exciting games that enable operators to maximize players value and expand their playerbase.

So attracting new players becomes as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. With the new RTG Asia Fish Catch game.

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