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RTG SLOTS – We Understand Your Players

RTG SLOTS is the Asia-focused division of Real Time Gaming, who is now celebrating over 20 years of producing igaming platforms and games. With offices in Manila and Kuala Lumpur, RTG SLOTS is focused on producing games that are innovative and provide new experiences for the player that over time will maximize player lifetime values and drive enhanced profitability to our clients.

RTG SLOTS’ games are specifically designed for Asian players, featuring themes, graphics, animations, music and algorithms to which Asian players will connect. From deeply rooted stories and legends that players have grown-up with (e.g., The Three Kingdoms War, Tian Di Yuan Su, Wu Zetian) to more contemporary themes such as the exclusive Kung-Fu Hero film-based series of games and the industry’s first web personality featured game with Sprite (The Mermaid’s PEARLS), RTG SLOTS “understands your players” and is dedicated to delivering games that engage players and increase player lifetime values.

Contact for more information and for a complete demo of games and the new platform.  

At RTG SLOTS we know what your players want, and we have the games you need to keep your players playing.

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